We Should Not Ignore the Preponderance of Mini Crusher

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We Should Not Ignore the Preponderance of Mini Crusher

Post  huiqi on Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:07 pm

The cone crusher have iron removal devices to prevent the crushing chamber is too iron , if you frequently had iron , it may be caused by a broken shaft accident. To full production , there would be the product granularity is too coarse . Broken in the production line than the allocation should be reasonable, so as to maximize the efficiency of the crusher. The spring pressure is not too tight portable crusher, the pressure is too large will be broken shaft accident occurs, the pressure is too frequently beating a small spring , affecting the normal work of the crusher, and the product particle size coarsening.

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The oil temperature can not be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the machine is running. Rock cone crusher due to poor use of the environment, dust, combined with some use of unit maintenance is not in place, often in the operation of a variety of problems, in general , cone crusher in the operation should be aware of the following in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine. The cone crusher at work, should be uniform feeding , not segregation. Feeding inequality appears to reduce production capacity , product size is too large, frequent spring action, the bowl bearing pressure, rising power.

Certain amount of time per run, the best equipment with the proper inspection and maintenance, and so will enable the continued production equipment to maintain better operating status, access to better productivity and product quality. Henan Daswell Machinery Co., Ltd, mini crusher, also known as Symons cone Crusher and symons cone crusher, the efficient introduction of foreign advanced technology and developed the world's advanced level cone crusher is widely used in metal and nonmetal mines, cement factories, sand stone and metallurgical industries.


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