Precautions for proper usage of cement mixer

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Precautions for proper usage of cement mixer

Post  dwdaswell on Mon May 23, 2016 2:57 pm

Under normal circumstances, per hour 20 cubic meters below the mixing station by superposition weighing mode, namely aggregate (sand, stone) with a pair of scales, cement and fly ash with a pair of scales small concrete batching plant for sale, water and liquid additive weighing respectively, then liquid additive put into water, said Dou pre mixed.

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And at 50 cubic meters per hour in the mixing station, more use of each weighing the material independent way, all weighing all using electronic scale and microcomputer control. Aggregate weighing accuracy is less than 2%, cement, powder, water and additive weighing accuracy reached 1%.

So in this merchandise concrete mixing station manufacturers to remind you in the purchase of commercial concrete mixing station must pay attention to the choice of measurement system components. Only high quality technology measurement system is more worth having.


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