Components introduction of concrete mixing machine

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Components introduction of concrete mixing machine

Post  dwdaswell on Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:39 pm

Coarse aggregate should choose a reasonable gradation, good grain shape, texture, uniform and firm gravel or crushed gravel, coarse aggregate indicators should meet the requirements of relevant standards, clay content and clay content control, timely detection and upon examination unqualified prohibited truck comes into play Small concrete mixer for sale .

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3, admixtures: additive approach should be to strengthen the inspection, testing, check the admixture of packaging is in significant position indicate the following: product name, model, net weight or volume (including the content or concentration), manufacturer name, production date and serial number concrete mixing machine ; check packaging indicates whether the content and the manufacturer provide product specification concrete mixer prices, certificate of conformity; liquid additive is precipitation, whether or not more than valid Small concrete mixer manufacturer .


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