The rapid development of Concrete mixer pump machine

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The rapid development of Concrete mixer pump machine

Post  dwdaswell on Sun Jul 03, 2016 3:37 pm

After discharge to open the door of the skin with automatic start its work process is: first of all material I belt machine operation (pneumatic feeding door open), the material I is transported to the weighing hopper, when weighing hopper material I weight reaches the set value Reversing drum concrete mixer equipment , the material I belt machine stop (pneumatic feeding automatic door closing). Then concrete batching machine II machine automatic open (pneumatic feeding), when the hopper material weight material I and II of the set value Mobile Concrete Brick Making Machine, material II feeder stop (pneumatic fan automatic door closing), III belt machine starts to work, so four material and assorting, the machine would be in waiting for the state Concrete mixer pump machine .

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This is the press the discharging button, a belt feeding machine (weighing hopper discharge door open), with concrete dry discharged into the mixer hopper. After the material is completed, the concrete batching machine out of the belt conveyor automatic stop (said hopper discharge door closed), and automatically start the end of the second cycle, there are waiting for the material. So reciprocating Concrete mixer pump suppliers .


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