Understanding the function and application of aggregate dosing machine

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Understanding the function and application of aggregate dosing machine

Post  hahei on Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:29 pm

To begin with small concrete batching plant, let’s note which products can not be configured in the machine. Cement, coal ash Cement Silo, and other products can not be used as ingredients, because these products belong to powder materials. The powder material is easy to cause flying and lead to air pollution. These powder materials should be stored in the sealed containers. Many kinds of material, such as sand and stone and other granularity materials can be configured in aggregate dosing machine, which is easy to load and unload.

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For the majority users of concrete batching plant, they know that aggregate dosing machine is an indispensable part of concrete batching plant. However, they do not understand whether aggregate dosing machine is suitable for all the materials, and which materials can not be configured in the machine. Here, Daswell will share with you the knowledge about aggregating dosing machine in detail according to our experience.


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