How to properly use concrete mixer in hot whether

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How to properly use concrete mixer in hot whether

Post  hahei on Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:38 pm

High ambient temperature will lead to concrete water consumption increasing, concrete temperature rising Mini concrete mixer, and speed up slump loss and hydration reaction, which accelerates the concrete condensation, but decreases its long-term strength. In addition, the rapid evaporation may cause plastic shrinkage and cracking. It is generally believed that when the rate of water evaporation is greater than the rate of surface weeping of concrete, the concrete will appear plastic shrinkage cracks. If the evaporation rate is more than 1.0 kg per hour / ㎡, plastic cracks will easily occur.

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In hot weather, there will be some special matters in the using process of concrete mixer mobile batch plant, which even affects the proper functioning of concrete mixer. How to properly solve these problems?


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