The Business Difficulties of Concrete Batching Plant Industry

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The Business Difficulties of Concrete Batching Plant Industry

Post  hahei on Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:15 pm

On the other hand, with the incessant grow and development of the ready-mixed commercial concrete industry, some concrete batching plant companies and investors, who clearly know that the market share and profit space are limited, still take participate in the competition for a variety of interests, which caused the unbalanced market supply, and led to the excess capacity of concrete industry is serious and the profit margins is declining.

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Concrete Batching Plant

At present Cement Silo, the excess capacity of our city’s ready-mixed commercial concrete is serious twin shaft concrete mixer, and a lot of enterprises are facing the business difficulties. On one hand, many ecdemic enterprises supply concrete for the engineering projects of our city, while the transportation distance is far, and the long-playing transportation will seriously affect the stability of the concrete quality, which has left hidden troubles to the quality and safety of our city’s construction projects mobile concrete batching plant, and also has caused a lot of tax evasion and employment pressure to our city. The rapid growth of the excess capacity and the decline of market demand lead to the condition that the industry market cannot meet the needs of the people.


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