Never Overlook mobile concrete batching plants

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Never Overlook mobile concrete batching plants

Post  dwdaswell on Wed Jul 27, 2016 7:18 pm

3) pay more attention to the power supply voltage. The change of frequency and voltage unbalance, power supply voltage and frequency is too high or too low, the unbalance of the three-phase voltage causes the current imbalance Diesel portable concrete mixer, which may cause the motor overheating or other abnormal phenomena.

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(4) the smell, vibration and noise of the motor should be paid more attention to. Operation such as the smell of burnt or found abnormal vibration or touch wipe sound, big buzz or other noises when, should immediately blackout check mobile concrete batching plants .

(5) regular inspection of bearing lubrication mobile batch plant concrete , regular replacement of lubricating oil. When the oil is changed, the bearing and bearing cover should be cleaned with kerosene and cleaned with gasoline mobile concrete batch plants


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