Function and Using of Concrete mixer pump

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Function and Using of Concrete mixer pump

Post  dwdaswell on Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:20 pm

6, mixing station is strictly prohibited non staff into the platform and control room, mixing station work host and rail 5 meters shall not be in the presence of the idler.

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7 concrete mixing machine prices, guide rails and steel wire rope must keep enough oil Reversing drum concrete mixer equipment , steel wire rope must remain intact, any time found damaged must be replaced immediately.

8, the equipment must be professional installation of lightning protection devices, or in case of lightning will cause a significant loss Concrete mixer pump suppliers .

9, equipment maintenance, must need to turn off the power equipment, and hung on the power supply "prohibition through electricity" warning, can for maintenance work and into the mixing tube cleaning maintenance, in addition to turn off all power and lock the control room, outside the machine must also have full-time staff to supervise before entering the mixing cylinder repair (stirring cylinder repair personnel not out of the stirring barrel and supervision personnel shall not leave working post) Concrete mixer pump machine .


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