Debugging Method of Water Supply System

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Debugging Method of Water Supply System

Post  hahei on Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:29 pm

  In the mixing process of concrete mixing machine, water ratio is of great importance which will directly affect concrete strength. Therefore, in the operation process of concrete mixer, please ensure the normal work of water supply system.

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  Some debugging methods of JZC series concrete mixer water supply system:

  At first Reversing drum concrete mixer, please check whether the rotation direction of water pump motor is right, change the motor wiring if it is wrong at any time. The inspection method is to start concrete mixer, and if the rotation direction is correct, you should just twitch the suction pipe several times, and then the pump can supply water normally.

JZC concrete mixer

  Method for checking water supply accuracy of JZC mobile concrete mixer:

  Prepare a wooden barrel Ready-Mixed Concrete Making Plant, one end of the pipe connected to the water inlet pipe of the concrete mixer is removed and put it into the wooden barrel. Then set the time relay to a certain time, when the pump starts to reach the scheduled time, the water pump will stop to pump water and please check the water volume. Weigh whether the amount of water in a bucket is the same as the predetermined value. If the repeatability error is more than ±2%, you should check the suction condition of the pump to see whether it is blocked or leakage. If the review result has a constant error, you should appropriately budge the valve of concrete mixer to adjust it.


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