Mobile small concrete mixer maintenance in summer

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Mobile small concrete mixer maintenance in summer

Post  hahei on Thu Sep 08, 2016 10:27 pm

Rainy is the characteristic of the summer. The technical personnel of mobile concrete mixer encountered to when summer lightning and thunder, summer weather is hot, humid summer weather in these areas for you to explain how to maintain the concrete mixer in summer?

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1.In the rainy, the general summer rain will be accompanied by lightning and thunder, but concrete mixer is made of steel, so give your concrete mixer an "umbrella" to avoid raining.

2.When we meet damp weather in summer SICOMA Twin Shaft Compulsory Concrete Cement Mixer, the suction pipe egg laying concrete block making machine, the casing around the inside lever of the concrete mixer is easy to rust, so we should always check and promptly brushing antirust paint.

3.Hot summer weather and moisture to evaporate, the moisture in the concrete should have little, so concrete mixer finished work must clean up the concrete immediately.

4.Hot summer weather, in the mixing tank and reducer of the concrete mixer at work the temperature was relatively high concrete block making machine, and in summer the temperature of these parts will be higher. The mixing tank and reducer will appear failure when the temperature is too high, leading to the concrete mixer is not working properly, so we reduce the heat of the concrete mixer.For example, we can put it to the ventilated place or the place where cannot be exposure.


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