The Work of WAM Screw Conveyor

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The Work of WAM Screw Conveyor

Post  dwdaswell on Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:43 pm

To the mixing cylinder when feeding, according to the traditional method are: (1) first into the sand, and then joined the order of stone and cement, and timely water; (2) the first part of water and sand, and gravel, cement and other water load; (3) the feeding hopper, should also be in the order in 15 seconds will feed all feed into the mixing barrel. The above method can avoid the cement bond bucket wall, reduce wear and improve productivity Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer, WAM Screw Conveyor

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but the strength of concrete is reduced, the cement consumption is larger; the best use of the first mixed cement slurry". It must also be noted that the feeding capacity of the concrete mixer shall comply with the quota of mechanical capacity, will reduce the productivity WAM Dust Collector ; great power load increases, but also easy to make concrete slurry spillover splash, it will reduce the mixing efficiency. In addition, the current time of the concrete has not yet fully discharged, not to be loaded into the new mixing material WAM Discharging Butterfly Valve .


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