Check the Bearing Damage of Concrete Plants

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Check the Bearing Damage of Concrete Plants

Post  dwdaswell on Thu Sep 22, 2016 7:43 pm

One, concrete mixer overloading caused by mixing shaft stop Ready-Mixed Concrete Making Plant , just adjust the feed amount, unloading the excess material, reduce the mixing shaft rotation load can be.

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Two, the side blade and the inner wall off card material, the sound of friction stirring shaft stops before there will always be a shrill planetary concrete mixer, this situation occurs, should immediately stop check, manually remove foreign bodies, re adjust the stirring blade gap or side and the inner wall of the tank between the concrete mixer, it is necessary to wash water under the.

Three, concrete mixer motor drive belt too loose situation Ready Mix Concrete Plants , just need to stop after the adjustment of concrete mixer motor drive belt tension can be Ready-mixed Concrete mixing/batching plant .


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