How to Inspect Planetary cement mixer

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How to Inspect Planetary cement mixer

Post  dwdaswell on Thu Sep 22, 2016 7:52 pm

Popular point of view, is the aggregate of a lift is called the building, the two upgrade is called the station. Because the mixing floor of the aggregate warehouse in the above, so the steel structure will be relatively large, inclined belt will be relatively long. But in the productivity, the productivity of the mixing plant to be higher than about 1/5 of the mixing station. During the operation, the energy consumption and failure rate will increase due to the frequent starting of the inclined belt of the mixing station, and the energy consumption and the failure rate of the mixing building are relatively low. Because of the mixing station production capacity of small structure, easy disassembly, Planetary cement mixer

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can be composed of container transfer sites, applicable to the construction site; and mixing building of large volume Cement Screw Conveyors , high productivity diesel mortar mixer for sale, only as a fixed type stirring device, suitable for large-scale water conservancy projects or the output of the commodity concrete supply. So customers in the difference between the concrete mixing station and concrete mixing, from the aggregate (material) to enhance the number of times, production efficiency and other aspects, to choose the right equipment. Cement Screw Conveyors equipment


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