Maintenance Tips of Concrete Mixer Equipment in Winter

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Maintenance Tips of Concrete Mixer Equipment in Winter

Post  hahei on Fri Oct 07, 2016 9:54 pm

Clean the mixer truck portable batch plant, additive tank and other systems with water. Cleaning is an essential step after using small concrete mixer. You should eliminate the water and remaining materials in pump, additive pump, water tank and additive tank to avoid failures of pump and pipeline. Test the additive pump after starting for one minute. These are the maintenance skills of concrete mixer in cold season. In winter, if concrete mixer is not used for a long time, users must turn it on twice a week for half an hour to avoid frostbite caused by long time no using or can not startup phenomenon.

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Because of the season, after production of mobile concrete mixer every Small concrete mixer for sale, operators should clean the remain materials in the outside or inside of mixing drum, discharging port, mixing shaft or the discharging gate. Users can clean them by water, if necessary pan cement mixer, they can put some stones or sand into the mixing drum and make the machine mix ten minutes, after that, they can eliminate them.

A lot of machines need maintenance, and the large scale equipment has different maintenance methods in different season. Of course, the maintenance is different in winter and in summer. How to ensure the machine work normally in cold season and how to maintain the concrete mixer products? Daswell Machinery will tell you the maintenance tips ofconcrete mixer machinery in winter.


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