We Need to Reduce the Noise of Diesel Concrete Mixer

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We Need to Reduce the Noise of Diesel Concrete Mixer

Post  hahei on Tue Nov 29, 2016 8:31 pm

  At first, listen the noise produced by diesel concrete mixer in order to reduce it to the greatest extent, and then you can judge where the noise is from. In addition, when you use a new or old device, you should pay attention to that whether it is coordinated. Finally, you should make sure whether the bots are installed correctly and the basis is solid before you install the concrete mixer.

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Diesel concrete mixer

  In the production process, the reversing drum concrete mixer will produce a lot of noises which make people not comfortable. The noise not only is harmful for environment, but also affects the health of people. Therefore, how to reduce the noise effectively? In this article, we will teach you some methods to reduce the abnormal noise of your concrete mixer.

  Nowadays Dry Mortar Mixing Plant, more and more residents who live close to construction cites always suffer a lot from the noise produced by concrete mixers.


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