How to Solve the Problems of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

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How to Solve the Problems of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Post  hahei on Tue Nov 29, 2016 8:34 pm

  1. The mixing shaft stops

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  The mixing shaft of JS concrete mixer stops rotate or rotates slowly. There are three Reasons: a. Serious overload. The mixing shaft will rotate slowly when overloading or leads to stop to rotate. In this case, adjust the feeding material capacity and discharge the residual materials which can reduce the rotation load to make it work normally. b. There is big foreign body between mixing blades or side mixing blade and mixing drum wall which will lead the mixing shaft stop rotating. This phenomenon is caused by the clearance between the mixing blades and mixing drum wall is too big. When blocking, the mixing shaft will have a shrill sound of friction. In this time, stop and check the concrete mixer in time. Eliminate the foreign body manually and readjust the clearance. c. Motor belt is too loose. It will lead the transfer power is insufficient and the small load will cause the mixing shaft stops rotate. In this time, cut down JS series concrete mixer immediately, adjust the tensioning device and tighten belt.

js concrete mixer

  2. Abnormal sound of mixing cylinder.

  Generally diesel concrete mixer machine, the mixing drum produces shrill sound which is caused by the friction of foreign body between the blade or side scraper and the tank wall. The foreign body will aggravate the friction when mixing and make the mixing shaft rotate is not smooth. In this time brick making machine, stop the concrete mixing machine and eliminate the foreign body and adjust clearance between the mixing blade, side scraper and mixing drum wall.


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