How to Charging for Concrete Mixer Pump

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How to Charging for Concrete Mixer Pump

Post  hahei on Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:15 pm

  The HBT15/JZM350 Concrete mixer pump for sale of Henan Daswell machinery, so today HBT20/JZM350 Concrete mixer pump suppliers will introduce the steps for charging of the concrete mixer pump.

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  First, stop the pump when there appears the segregation phenomenon. Pumping again after stir balanced.

  Second, pumping concrete should be continuously. If the charging has to stop, the interrupt time can’t over 30min.

  Third, when pumping again after the vertical pump diesel engine concrete mixer machine, push reversely at first; absorb the concrete that in selector valve, and then pump after stirred.

HBT30/JZM350 concrete mixer pump machine

  Fourth mobile concrete batch plant, during its operation, hands or shovel is strictly forbidden into hopper or use hand to grasp distributing valve.

  Fifth, don’t adjust the hydraulic system at will. When the oil temperature is over 70 , stop pumping, make the mix blades and fan still operation diesel engine concrete mixer, after temperature decreased, then continue operate.


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