The Optimization of Diesel Concrete Mixer Equipment

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The Optimization of Diesel Concrete Mixer Equipment

Post  hahei on Wed Dec 21, 2016 4:53 pm

In the future, no matter how to develop diesel concrete mixer, its working principle is fixed. So Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer, the optimization of diesel concrete mixer is mainly focused on extending its service life and improving equipment efficiency. Henan Daswell is a professional concrete mixer manufacturer Sicoma twin shaft mixers, and today we give some methods to optimize small concrete mixer equipment.

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concrete mixer

First, the choice for materials: good material can greatly improve the wear resistance of the device and extend the service life of the equipment. Especially for the mixing part of concrete mixer, mixing part is not only the major component of concrete mixer, but also pieces easy to wear; using high-quality high-manganese steel alloy can improve its hardness and wear resistance. Secondly, to optimize the device structure: for external structure mobile concrete batching plants, there are casting, welding and bolts for converge currently. In the future, to adopt converge that can improve equipment’s adaptive capacity. For the internal structure of the device, we should improve the mixing capacity of the equipment. Finally, to improve maintenance system: the overall technical performance of the equipment is improving, so its repair and maintenance technology should also improve. Only scientific and reasonable care and maintenance can get the best use of device.


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