Idle Running Inspection of Fine Stone Concrete Pump

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Idle Running Inspection of Fine Stone Concrete Pump

Post  hahei on Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:08 pm

The operator should pay much attention to the idle running inspection when using the fine stone concrete pump. If the inspection is ignored, there are some hidden troubles in the safety SICOMA Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer, and the danger will happen. Therefore, Daswell reminds you to do safe inspection to guarantee the operator’s security.

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The idle running inspection steps include the followings.

1. Start the electromotor Concrete mixture machine price, check the rotation direction and press the pumping button. Check if the cylinder piston push has correct coordination with the reversing work of S tube; check whether the push frequency of the piston is meeting requirements or not.

2. Push the reverse button of the piston to check the reverse pumping control, and check if the reversion and reconversion of piston is flexible and reliable.

concrete pump

3. Check the mixing forward and reverse to check if its control is flexible and reliable.

4. Check if the indications of electrical indicator light and hydraulic pressure gage are correct.


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