Checking Precautions of Fine Stone Concrete Pump

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Checking Precautions of Fine Stone Concrete Pump

Post  hahei on Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:11 pm

If the hydraulic component breaks down Reversing drum concrete mixer, repair faults timely, because this part relates to internal functions of the machine. Check the safety valve, steel tube and flexible tube of hydraulic system and oil cylinder. Repair faults timely if these parts break down. In the lubrication check, ensure every lubrication pipe has no leakage. Check the lubrication of every running part at any time, and immediately stop operating the machine if some parts lack oil. The fastening work is mainly to check every connection of components effectively, and to avoid security incidents caused by loose of components. The last check is to deal with faults of leakage parts, and the main leakage parts which need to be checked include liquid indicator ball mill for sale, plug screw cement silos, oil pump, each junction of hydraulic valves, oil pipe union and oil cylinder.

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The hydraulic component, lubrication, fastening and leakage parts are the four basic aspects which should be paid much attention to check in the routine maintenance work.

The fine stone concrete pump plays an important role in the industry. The operator should pay attention to check and maintain the machine in the process of operating. Do you know some precautions of checking the fine stone concrete pump?


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