Daswell concrete mixer salient features introduction

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Daswell concrete mixer salient features introduction

Post  hahei on Tue Feb 07, 2017 7:22 pm

Concrete mixer greatly contributes to development of construction industry. Nowadays mobile concrete batching mixing plant commercial concrete batching plant, there are numerous concrete mixer models on the market. Toady concrete mixture machine, we will introduce the salient features of Daswell concrete mixer:

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1. Tank and rack fixed and stirring shaft no longer bear the weight and pressure of the materials and tank, thus extending the service life of the agitating shaft;

2. The use of electric switching discharge, avoiding the disadvantages of the rotating tank left the raw material remains;

concrete mixer

3. The discharging of concrete mixer is quick and clean;

4. Daswell concrete mixer has delicate appearance and reasonable structure;

5. The concrete mixer maintenance is convenient and its failure ratio is low;

6. The production efficiency of Daswell concrete mixer is high.


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