Matters needing attention in operation of concrete batching machine

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Matters needing attention in operation of concrete batching machine

Post  hahei on Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:19 pm

Concrete batching machine is a kind of device, which can cooperate with cement silo ball mill for sale, various types of concrete mixers, and other measurement devices to form fully automatic or semi-automatic mixing plant. Concrete batching machine is an ideal batching device for the plant. What matters should be paid attention to in operation of concrete batching machine?

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First, start the machine and check the machine’s service behavior. In the process of work, the operator should strictly operate the machine in accordance with its operating procedures. If found any problem, the user should deal with the matter in time. In addition ready mix plant, it is forbidden to repair, maintain or lubricate during mechanical operation.

In case of unexpected situation, the user should immediately press the emergency stop button to cut off the power. When the machine works in the nighttime, it is necessary to have sufficient lighting.


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