Comprehensive understanding the mixing system of large concrete batching plant

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Comprehensive understanding the mixing system of large concrete batching plant

Post  hahei on Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:32 pm

Concrete batching plant mixing system classification

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At present cement silos for sale, concrete batching plant mixing system on the market can be divided into forced mixing system and self-falling mixing system according to the mixing methods.

The mainstream concrete batching plant is generally used forced mixing system. It can mix fluid, semi-rigid engineering companies, rigid and various other concrete. Self-falling mixing system is mainly used to mix fluid concrete. It is rarely used in concrete batching plant.

Forced mixing system can be divided into planetary concrete mixer, single shaft concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer according to its structure. Among these three concrete mixers, twin shaft concrete mixer comprehensive performance is the best. All drainage holes of twin shaft concrete mixer are directly above the stirring shaft Ultra-fine Grinding Mill, which improves the mixing efficiency, reduces dust pollution and effectively removes cement agglomerate.


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