Performance and Advantages of the Daswell Concrete Mixing & Pumping machine

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Performance and Advantages of the Daswell Concrete Mixing & Pumping machine

Post  hahei on Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:04 pm

1, specially designed for hydraulic tipping loading hopper and non accumulator hydraulic system.

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2 ready mix plant, Only a diesel engine to provide the power to drive the tipping loading hopper cylinder, mixing drum, concrete pump stroke cylinders, swing cylinders, concrete pump agitator.

3 underground tunnel construction, there is the isolation chamber sealing structure in stroke cylinder even of the inlet of the stroke cylinder seal damage, wear the seal from the washing room of the water will be discharged out of the machine, cannot enter enter the oil tank.

4, The electromagnetic clutch and timer control water system, automatic water timer auto-control water supply.

5, The high Mid tank layout hotel design, the center of the gravity in the middle of the two wheels.

6, the median tank layout, oil flow into the hydraulic pump itself, to avoid the lack of oil to damage oil pump, high reliability.


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