Advantages of mobile mixing plant

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Advantages of mobile mixing plant

Post  hahei on Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:28 pm

Advantages of mobile mixing plant

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1. The compact design in a single trailer unit concentrated most parts of the mixing station;

2. The mode of operation humane, stable and reliable, stable operation in a variety of harsh environments;

3. imported twin-shaft compulsory mixer, continuous operation, stir, stirring motion powerful, fast;

4. The form of the whole station via the trailer can be quickly transported to the construction site and on-site assembly is completed;

5. Before the factory pre-commissioning is completed without debugging to construction;

6. The high degree of automation, mobile and flexible office decor, easy to operate and stable.

Mobile mixing station greatest feature is the ability to move a whole. Mobile concrete mixing plants currently divided into traction and trailer two kinds, traction chassis contains a complete front and rear axle; trailer chassis only after the bridge government construction contracts decorating services, placed in the front end of the tractor saddle bridge.


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