Concrete mixing plant to maintain a comprehensive introduction of knowledge

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Concrete mixing plant to maintain a comprehensive introduction of knowledge

Post  hahei on Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:41 pm

The maintenance of the concrete mixing plant is divided into six large pieces: routine maintenance work, the aggregate supply system maintenance, metering system maintenance office decor, and mixing system maintenance, the powder supply system maintenance, air system maintenance. Of each part of the maintenance used as a direct impact on the concrete mixing station overall, it is necessary to do the maintenance of each piece. The following are six large pieces of a detailed description of the maintenance section:

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A concrete mixing plant equipment routine maintenance work

1, to ensure the plant and surrounding environment of the clean.

Timely removal of the product material within the hopper, the sensor is normal to return to zero.

Adequacy of 3, check the lubrication points, lubricants plough mixer, oil mist in the air system should maintain a sufficient amount of oil.

4, check the motor, electrical appliances with or without overheating, abnormal noise, the instrument indicates whether the signaling system is intact.

5, Regular inspection, adjustment cylinder office decor, butterfly valve, electromagnetic valve, so that the opening and closing to meet the requirements.


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