Concrete Mixer Inspection Items

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Concrete Mixer Inspection Items

Post  hahei on Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:36 pm

Concrete mixer should be checked before each use project:

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1.Inspection of aircraft is stable.

2, leaves and stir blade support arm connecting bolts are secure.

3.Feeding rack connecting bolts are tightened.

4 pumps diversion whether to add a little piping is smooth.

5, should be checked after each use of the concrete mixer project:

6 clean mixing tube inside and outside the discharge door concrete machinery, fouling on the hopper, and rinse well with water.

7, hopper park and brake pin inserted in the transport position, no debris in the hopper.

8, cut off the power supply hospital interior design, to locked electrical control box.

9 mobile batch plant concrete, where appropriate, filling the lubrication points the necessary lubricant (grease).

10, the storage in the water supply system should be fully drained.


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