Pros and cons in the development of commercial concrete mixing plant

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Pros and cons in the development of commercial concrete mixing plant

Post  hahei on Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:34 pm

The rapid development of towns, cities, travel makes the supply of concrete fail to meet the demand. According to statistics, Chinese commercial concrete mixing plants are increasing every year, as for the concrete mixing plants with the rapid development, what advantages and disadvantages they have?

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1. The advantages of commercial concrete mixing plant: Commercial concrete mixing plant has strong, even and rapid stirring, and high productivity. For construction sites, the more commercial concrete mixing plant, the more convenient to use, compared to build a mixing plant by themselves, the project time will be relatively short, it also will save a lot of time to a certain extent. Second highway construction companies, it doesn’t produce concrete on-site, so it will avoid the dirty and messy situation in construction sites, at the same time, it also will reduce the part of manpower and material resources and save money. So more and more engineering demand for concrete tends to commercial concrete mixing plant.

2. The disadvantages of commercial concrete mixing plant: Our country vigorously regulated the commercial concrete mixing plant, which shows that many of the concrete mixing plant is actually undocumented, and do not have the qualifications to build the plant. Secondly, the raw materials of concrete are cement, sand and stone Cement Screw Conveyors, in the production process, there will be a lot of dust emitted into the air to pollute the environment of surrounding areas cement silo for sale, which will bury hidden trouble for our health.


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