How to reduce the maintenance cost of concrete mixers

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How to reduce the maintenance cost of concrete mixers

Post  hahei on Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:44 pm

With the increasing of market competition, reducing product price has become an effective means of market competition. As an important part of production cost, reducing the cost of equipment maintenance has been put on the agenda. To reduce the cost of equipment maintenance beton mixer, concrete mixer production enterprises can focus on the following several problems according to their own actual situation.

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First, as for the manufacturer, you should guarantee the quality of products, the excellent quality of spare parts can not only help maintenance personnel solve the fault in a timely manner, but also can improve the reliability of the whole system, extend the service life of related components and improve the overall performance of the device. As the user, you need to strengthen the repair of spare parts, there are still a lot of damaged parts Concrete Batching Plant without Mixer, which can be reused after repairing. We can strengthen the management of spare parts in the production process, do a good job in the daily maintenance system and develop a strict maintenance system to prompt the operating personnel to do something strictly accordance with the regulations, eliminate the trouble in the bud, so as to extend the service life of spare parts.

The question of reducing the maintenance costs of concrete mixer equipment can not be solved through the one or two aspects, it can make the problem be completely solved through the effective combination of all aspects. It also need to persevere to achieve good results.


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