Basic features of environmental protection concrete mixing plant

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Basic features of environmental protection concrete mixing plant

Post  hahei on Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:36 pm

With the changes of social environment, haze weather is more and more serious in city. So the environmental problems in concrete production site are becoming increasingly obvious batch mixer, such as the dust problem of mixing plant mixing equipment, wastewater emissions problems, waste materials problems, noise pollution problems etc.. Environmental protection has become an important factor restricting the development of the mixing plant. To solve the environmental protection problem of the mixing plant, we can start from strengthening the production management and the equipment's environmental performance of concrete mixing plant. The concrete mixing plant produced by Zhengzhou Daswell Machinery can meet the requirements of green, environmental protection, and sustainable development of concrete.

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The basic characteristics of the environmental protection type concrete mixing plant:

The environmental protection concrete mixing plant has the characteristics of environmentally friendly, saving resources, beautiful appearance and good internal environmental performance.

Environmental friendly. The environmental protection type concrete mixing plant achieves the factory type full package. Looking from the exterior, it is a fully enclosed modern factory, which doesn't have the dust emission, noise pollution to the surrounding environment; waste water and waste materials can recycle, no waste water hospital interior design, waste residue discharge; beautiful modeling is in harmony with the surrounding environment; reasonable planning, high rate of greening, Compared with the ordinary mixing plant, it is truly environmentally friendly, and this is a qualitative leap in terms of environmental performance.


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