Excavator safety problems of hydraulic lifting mixer

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Excavator safety problems of hydraulic lifting mixer

Post  hahei on Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:12 pm

In recent years, hydraulic lifting mixer occupies a leading position in the construction industry, the new rural construction office room decoration, small high-rise building and other industries. New type hydraulic lifting mixers all adopt hydraulic system, and the technology is more advanced. In the application of hydraulic lifting mixer, the ladder frame plays an important role in the work. Today Pioneer Machinery will tell you the differences between the ladder frame of hydraulic lifting mixer and the ladder frame of ordinary mixer climb:

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1. The pulley of hydraulic lifting mixer adopts high chromium alloy casting, and passed by the lathe processing. So it has wear resist WZ Series Paddle Mixer, durability, long service life and other advantages. The interior is provided with a bearing, so the operation is more flexible.

2. The wirerope of hydraulic lifting mixer has the advantages of high strength, light weight, stable work, not easy to have a sudden the whole root fracture, reliable. The wirerope adopts12mm thick cement mixers, therefore, it's easy for this kind of wirerope to pull five tons of cargo. And it can also ensure the safety of construction (users should checked the wirerope regularly after a period of using, and the wirerope belongs to consumables, safety is the first).

3. The climbing ladder frame central part of hydraulic lifting mixer should belong to the part of the skeleton, the main girder in two side of climbing ladder of Pioneer hydraulic lifting mixer is 5mm thick compression channel steel, know a little mechanical people all know that the channel steel should be greater than the straight type steel strength. The details create quality, and such equipment can bring more benefits to users.


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