How to arrange the concrete mixing plant?

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How to arrange the concrete mixing plant?

Post  hahei on Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:39 pm

The arrangement forms of concrete mixing plant are generally divided into vertical type, horizontal type, and mobile type. Each form has its own productive characteristics.

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The level layout of concrete mixing plant: materials should experience the second ascension. First of all, the material should be upgraded to a storage hopper, and the materials after weighing should be upgraded again, and then added them into concrete mixer. The advantages of concrete mixing plant equipment are simple structure, less investment, low building height; and the disadvantage are low efficiency ball mill manufacturers, low degree of automation, in addition, the materials need to experience the second lifting.

The vertical arrangement of the concrete mixing plant: materials just only need once promotion, and then falls down to each procedure by self weight. This form of concrete mixing plant equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, small occupation area, easy to implement automation. And the drawback is the complex structure, high manufacturing cost, and high installation height.

The mobile arrangement of concrete mixing plant: feeding, material storage, weighing, mixing and discharging and other devices are combined and installed on the same base. This form of concrete mixing plant equipment has the advantages of compact structure, easy to carry concrete mix machine for sale, and it can directly close to the construction site belt type concrete batch plants, so the transmission distance of the concrete can be reduced, and the economic performance will also be improved.


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