Concrete mixer of applying in various terrains

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Concrete mixer of applying in various terrains

Post  hahei on Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:13 pm

Concrete mixer is used for the production of concrete which is suitable for various needs Continuous concrete batching plants, the machine not only need to meet all the technical scale, but also must adapt to a variety of field topography. The design of the machine and its components need according to different requirements, one of the very important one is: modify, adjunction and extended need according to the function of machine technology. What's more, the automation system must have a high level of flexibility.

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The control system task of mixer is to ensure the safe and reliable mixing manipulate Cement Screw Conveyors equipment, it is mainly to control the seal mechanism of motor and mixer cover, and the indirect drive control of the mixing drum is necessary. Today, most mixers are equipped with the consistency measuring device. In addition, the mixing system is also provided with microwave sensor used for measuring the humidity and temperature sensor.

Concrete control equipment includes the concrete silo, concrete measurement scales and inverter control ingredients spiral. The measurement scales or radar sensor is used for measuring the amount of material in the silo. In order to avoid a lot of dust, concrete mixer must also be equipped with an air filter, automatic removal of dust in the air using the principle of vibration. In addition, the use of sensors can also protect the silo hospital construction, avoiding the excessive pressure.

Sand and gravel can be weighed in the discharge chute or measured by the strain sensor on the conveyor belt. If we use the gravel trucks, they will be controlled by the inverter, the sensor of terminal position sensor and secure terminal position. Sand silo comprises one or two vibration device, ensuring the accurate loading. In the applications with high demanding, sand volume in the silo is measured by the radar sensor. If necessary, the radar sensor can be used to measure the water in the sand. Therefore, the concrete pre mixing process can be adjusted according to the collected measurement data.


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