The pros and cons of maintenance ways for cement brick

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The pros and cons of maintenance ways for cement brick

Post  hahei on Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:50 pm

There are two kinds of curing ways for cement bricks. They are the natural drying curing and steam curing at low temperature. Nature conservation is a kind of outdoor maintenance method of direct sunlight. Low temperature steam curing maintenance is a maintenance method with steam pressure equipment.

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These two methods all have their own advantages and disadvantages! If the cement brick is natural dry concrete mixing batch plant for sale, the cost is low, but it's very time-consuming. In addition, it needs to according to the site of the weather! Autoclaved equipment doesn't have these troubles, but the cost is higher and there are a lot of problems.

Today we will tell you how to carry out the autoclaved curing, if brick body moisture is too much! If we find the adobe excessive water content in cement brick machine production, then we should take much care in the process of the autoclaved curing! In order to prevent the adobe collapsing phenomenon caused by the excessive heat in earlier stage! The brick body crack due to excessive heat is the most common thing! So we can't be worried to adopt the high temperature of the steam pressure when we found the adobe water content is too high. We should start with low temperature steam pressure until the adobe has certain carrying capacity and then changed to autoclaved. If so concrete batching machine, you can avoid those problems mentioned above!

In a word, the maintain ways of cement brick should be selected according to the local weather conditions and its own funds conditions.


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