hot galvanized baby layer chicken broiler quail cage

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hot galvanized baby layer chicken broiler quail cage

Post  dwdaswell on Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:53 pm

hot galvanized baby layer chicken broiler quail cage device essential for chick growth. It mainly includes brooding umbrellas, electric brooding umbrellas and broiler cages.
New brooding umbrella
    The brooding umbrella has developed a new type of hanging umbrella for the difficulty of brooding. There are fans on all four sides, which can evenly dissipate the heat so that the whole room can be heated up uniformly. The heat is evenly distributed. It adopts automatic temperature control design and adopts automatic temperature control design. Very convenient to use, no pollution, conditional farmers can choose this product for brooding and warming brooding galvanized baby layer chicken broiler quail cage
Electric brooding umbrella
         When the chicks are kept on the net or on the ground, the electric heating brooding umbrella can be used to improve the body quality and survival rate of the chicks. The umbrella surface of the electric brooding umbrella is composed of a heat insulating material, and the surface layer is a coated nylon silk umbrella surface. Good insulation performance and durability. The top of the umbrella is equipped with an electronic temperature controller. The temperature control range is °°C to 50°C. The umbrella is equipped with a buried far-infrared ceramic tube heater, and there are lighting and ‘switches. The size of the electric heating Umbrella is 1.5 meters in diameter, 2 meters and 2.5 meters in diameter. It can brood 300, 400 and 500 brooders respectively.
Stacked broiler cage cascading electric heating brooding cage
      In the feeding process of chicks, the brooding stage is very important. The chicks' own temperature mediation ability is very weak and requires a certain temperature and humidity. At present, the cage brooding process is widely used at home and abroad. The electric brooding device consists of three parts: a heating brooding cage, a heat preservation brooding cage and a chick playing field. Each part is an independent whole and can be combined according to the structure and needs of the building. If the whole room is used for brooding, the chick playing field can be used alone; in the lower temperature, the sports field can be appropriately reduced, and the heating and heat preservation brooding cage is added.


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