diesel auto air parking heater for car truck

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diesel auto air parking heater for car truck

Post  dwdaswell on Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:53 pm

1. Do you need a hot car for a car that has been parked for one night in a low temperature environment?diesel auto air parking heater for car truck
This requires a view of whether the operation is stable after the car is started. If the idle speed is more obvious, then the in-situ hot car is needed. Nowadays, the quality of the oil has been greatly improved compared with the past. The fluidity of the four seasons general-purpose engine oil has also improved at low temperatures, so it is not possible to start directly after the start of the weather, just need to lightly start the throttle slowly. .
In the extremely cold north, where the minimum temperature in winter can reach minus thirty or forty degrees, it is necessary to install a heater for the car to ensure faster and safer preheating of the car engine and heating of the car.diesel auto air parking heater for car truck

2. How can the weather with low visibility such as smog and snow fog be safe?
Be sure to keep a safe speed and safety distance, turn on the fog light, and press the horn when crossing the intersection. There is also the possibility of driving in the middle lane. This kind of vehicle with temporary visibility and waiting for fog in the low visibility weather is also a hidden danger of accidents.
Since we can't control the external factors, we must ensure that there are no frost or fog on the windows, and we must ensure that the windows are clean. In the winter, if the heating system is turned on in the car, the window will easily have fog. Many owners choose to install a defrost system for the car, which can effectively defrost and defogg the window.
3. What do you need to pay attention to when driving in snow?
It is necessary to slow down and drive slowly in snowy days, and to slow down by braking early and lightly. Ice and snow roads should not slow down or downshift when cornering, and should slow down before turning. Sunglasses should be worn as much as possible in the case of just getting out of the snow and out of the sun to prevent snow from reflecting in the eyes.
4. How should the snowy parking be safe?
It is also necessary to pay attention to parking in snowy days. Do not park the car in a place with accumulated water. If the water is frozen with the tire because the temperature is too low, the vehicle may damage the tire at this time.
When the snow is cold on a cold outdoor road, try not to pull the handbrake. The principle is that there will be water in the brake disc and the caliper when the vehicle is running on a slippery road. If the vehicle is pulled up, it may cause freezing damage to the brake. system.
Another thing to do in snow parking is to lift the wiper blade as early as possible. The reason is simple: avoid the wiper will freeze with the car glass and damage the wiper blade.
5. What should I pay attention to when washing in snow?
Washing the car as soon as possible after the snow stop, in addition to maintaining a clean appearance, is to prevent smog, particulate matter and other corrosive substances from harming our car body. Car wash also need to pay attention to is not to use hot water, to avoid excessive temperature damage to the paint, and to dry immediately after the chassis is washed and anti-rust treatment, the last is not to use a bucket of water to repeatedly scrub the vehicle to avoid sediment in the water Will pick up the body.


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