How to operate using a fried food frying machine

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How to operate using a fried food frying machine

Post  dwdaswell on Mon Oct 08, 2018 3:03 pm

After the frying machine guides the new fashion of the new century, it meets the needs of hotels, hotels, guest houses, *, colleges, corporate canteens, fried food companies and chain stores. The Jiate brand fryer completely changes the structure of the traditional fryer and adopts the method of oil and water integration. The residue generated during the frying process is completely submerged in the water.fried food frying machine
Without scorching, the lower layer of moisture can continuously produce water vapor to add a trace amount of water to the high-temperature frying oil to ensure that the frying oil does not change black, thereby extending the oil change period. The following describes the operation of the fried food frying machine:
1. Put the fryer to the positive position, so that the body is stable and the surface protective film is removed.
2. Connect the power supply to the equipment according to the electrical schematic.
3. The housing must be grounded before working.
4. Please clean the inside of the furnace before using for the first time. Close the drain valve, open the drain valve, add water to the furnace body until the drain valve overflows, and close the drain valve.
5, according to the requirements to add cooking oil, the oil surface is at least not less than 50mm heating tube.
6. Turn on the main power switch, turn the knob to the on position, and the power indicator will light.
7. After setting the operating temperature, the fryer can work normally.


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