Potato bubble washing machine for sale

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Potato bubble washing machine for sale

Post  dwdaswell on Tue Nov 13, 2018 3:58 pm

Bubble spray cleaning machine Potato chips deep processing processing custom equipment using bubble cleaning, suitable for leaf vegetable cleaning, can be customized according to product quality requirements. Root Vegetable washing machine
The vegetable washing machine equipment is made of stainless steel SUS304 material except for the standard parts such as motor and bearing, which fully meets the requirements of export food hygiene. A bubble generating device is arranged in the device to make the material roll state, remove the pesticide residue effect on the surface of the product, and at the same time, an appropriate amount of the medicament can be added to disinfect and fix the color, the floating object can overflow from the overflow tank, and the sediment is discharged from the sewage outlet to To achieve the purpose of cleaning. The bubble cleaning machine is designed for materials with high shape requirements. It is suitable for cleaning and soaking of granular, leafy and root products such as vegetables, fruits, aquatic products and Chinese herbal medicines. frozen french fries maker
2. Equipment structure Vegetable and fruit washing machine
The fruit and vegetable washing machines currently used in most factories are belt-type or belt-based combination washing machines, which mainly utilize belt drive to utilize flow operation. The main decontamination cleaning devices are brush rollers and water spray pipes.
3. Working principle: vegetable cleaning peeling machine
The spray bubble cleaner uses the principle of bubble shock wave to rinse the surface of vegetables and fruits, improve the working efficiency by more than 50%, and disinfect the washing water with a more advanced water treatment system to effectively kill harmful bacteria. Decomposition of residual pesticides; this machine is equipped with a separating board to effectively separate the washing materials from the washed sediment, which reduces the turbidity of the water, greatly improves the recycling rate of the washing water, and saves 80% of the cleaning water, saving Manpower; easy to operate, saves time and effort, low energy consumption, health, safety and efficiency. root potato vegetable peeling machine


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