How to thoroughly clean the Battery cages design

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How to thoroughly clean the Battery cages design

Post  dwdaswell on Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:05 pm

During the broiler feeding process, regardless of whether the broiler chickens were infected, the related equipment manufacturers such as chicken cages and loading machines will be attached with pathogens. In particular, chicken cage equipment needs to be disinfected to ensure the healthy growth of the next batch of broilers. Growing broilers in cages
       Clean the house. The rate of clearing house should be fast, lay a good foundation for the disinfection of the tube, leave sufficient time for fumigation, and carry the equipment outside the house, including the bucket, the drinking fountain, the plastic net, the lamp, the thermometer and hygrometer, and the service. And other appliances. Completely eliminate the manure of the chicken house, request to do no chicken manure, feathers, coal ash, etc., clean the roof, walls, doors and windows, etc., so that the house is clean. Baby chick cages for sale the chicken coop. Wash high-altitude, walls, doors and windows, etc., equipment and disinfection with external disinfection, disinfection with clean water, clean and dry; ask for no water at high altitude, any outside of the house should be washed, no dirt attached. Pay special attention to the dust on the roof to be cleaned, wash from top to bottom, equipment and high altitude boring before disinfection. Automatic chicken watering system
       Test things. Training the chicken house equipment; repairing the chicken cage; checking the circuit and heating equipment, equipment can be used to support a batch of chickens, or they should be replaced, the damaged lamps are all replaced. Poultry egg collection system
       Manage the situation outside the house. Eliminate the debris in the outer drainage ditch; eliminate the weeds around the chicken house; make the drainage smooth and not affect the ventilation. Replenish the outside route and clean the factory area to achieve no chicken manure, feathers, and dregs.Poultry nipple drinkers for sale in bangalore
       The house is disinfected. Move equipment and appliances into the house, close the doors and windows and the ventilation holes. The request is closed, sprayed, disinfected, sterilized for 10 hours, and the door and window are closed 3 to 4 hours after the air is ventilated. All the outside, roof, walls and cages of the chicken house use high-efficiency, non-corrosive disinfectant, and the equipment is arranged according to the proportion of the original. At high altitude, 3% hot alkali water is used to spray or lime. Automatic chicken feeder system using microcontroller


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