Strengthen chicken immunity to prevent disease

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Strengthen chicken immunity to prevent disease

Post  dwdaswell on Wed Nov 21, 2018 2:34 pm

Immunization is an important means of preventing the occurrence of infectious diseases. Especially for the immunization of the cage mode, because the density of the cage is large, and it is mostly used in closed chicken houses, the immune conditions are harsh. Therefore, the chicken house must be carefully immune to various diseases. Immunization is a complex biological process, and the success of immunization is affected by many factors. For example, the type, quality, transportation, timing, methods, etc. of the vaccine will have an impact on the immune effect.Chicken cages for layers
1.The conditional area (chicken house) can formulate the best immunization program suitable for local flocks, or choose the immunization program similar to the flock situation in the field, conduct immune monitoring in the implementation and examine its comprehensive benefits.
2.Vaccines that do not expire, fail, are improperly stored, and have incomplete labels and instructions. Chicken cages for sale craigslist
3.Veterinarians should systematically monitor the chickens to determine the best time to immunize and check the immune effect. Chicken cages design
4.The vaccine used should ensure that the quality and the dose of the immunization are accurate and the method is appropriate. 5. Protect the flock before and after immunization against wild poison. To avoid all kinds of stress, add some vitamins to the flock to improve the immune effect.Chicken cages for sale near me


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