Flat belt type manure machine design features

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Flat belt type manure machine design features

Post  dwdaswell on Thu Nov 22, 2018 3:10 pm

Improper handling of chicken manure in the Chicken layer cage dimensions will bring many diseases and hidden dangers to the chickens. The rational design of the method of clearing the feces can effectively prevent the disease from invading and ensure the hygiene inside the poultry cages for sale. Poultry cooling pad systems
There are two types of defecation methods in the house. At present, the mechanical decontamination machine has a scraper type cleaning machine and a conveyor belt type dehumidifier, and the high bed regularly clears the feces. It is recommended to use mechanical decontamination method. The width of the aisle of the chicken house is 100-120 cm. The width of the ditch is designed according to the type of cage used (the chicken cage is fully stepped and stacked). Note that the front edge of the bottom cage is on the same line as the dung line to prevent chicken droppings from falling in the corridor and affecting epidemic prevention. The depth of the ditch is generally high and low, forming a micro-slope (1.5 ‰ grading). Cage free eggs vs regular eggs
The height of the feces is high so that the scraped manure cannot overflow the ground. Generally, the 100-meter Building a quail brooder is not less than 50 cm. The end of the feces is connected to the outside world, and the feces are scraped out as far as possible. Used chicken brooders for sale


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