Egg collection equipment for cascading laying hen cage system

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Egg collection equipment for cascading laying hen cage system

Post  dwdaswell on Sun Nov 25, 2018 3:00 pm

The cascading layer of laying hens is based on the concept of allowing the farmers to carry out the laying hens and collecting eggs more efficiently and efficiently. Then it is necessary to set up the egg collecting facilities more effectively and conveniently. This is the automatic egg system. The fully automatic egg collection system is an important component of the cascading laying hen cage equipment. In order to achieve the best results in the entire egg collection process, we need a more ingenious design. Automatic egg collector diy
The egg plucking device used to reduce the collision has a certain angle to the egg claws, causing the eggs to collide with each other during the translation process, resulting in broken eggs. To this end, we set up an egg plucking device so that the eggs did not collide with each other and smoothly transitioned from the egg collecting machine to the central egg feeding line. Automatic egg collection system
Egg picker device,Collecting free range eggs
Soft broken egg removal facility for removing broken eggs. Egg belts poultry
Since the process of collecting and conveying eggs is carried out by the rolling and translation of the eggs, the soft eggs cannot be rolled because of their soft skin, so piles often occur during the egg collection process to prevent the normal eggs from passing smoothly. To this end, we set up a soft egg removal facility to complete the eggs before they enter the egg collection machine.
Soft egg removal and broken egg removal have prevented this from happening. Poultry manure removal system


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