What is the right choice for the egg cage?

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What is the right choice for the egg cage?

Post  dwdaswell on Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:00 pm

Egg laying chickens are usually basketed from 18 to 20 weeks of age. They are eliminated from the cage when they are raised to 72 weeks of age to complete a production year. Therefore, in the good environment of the chicken house, there must be a well-structured egg cage to enable the laying hen to achieve its highest production efficiency. The size of the egg cage must be able to meet its certain area of activity, feeding position and height. At the same time, in order to allow the laid eggs to roll out of the cage in time, the bottom of the cage should have a certain inclination. According to the above requirements, the arrangement of the laying hen cages must consist of many small single cages. automatic egg tray making machine
The egg cage single cage is manufactured and installed in two forms, integral and assembled. The monolithic structure is a unitary unit of several units, which is characterized by convenient installation, but consumes materials, is difficult to handle after being manufactured, and is easily deformed. The assembled type adopts the whole cage frame. When the whole cage frame is installed, each cage net is hung on the ground. It is characterized by neat installation, easy replacement and maintenance. In actual production, assembly is more common. tractor supply chicken coop
The cage nets of the egg cage single cage are generally made by cold drawn steel wire spot welding, but the functions of each cage net are different, and their material thickness and mesh size have different requirements. The side net and the rear net are mainly used as the spacing of the cages, and are distributed into horizontal grids. Broiler Chicken Cage System for Farm
The warp threads are arranged in the outer case, and the weft threads are arranged on the inner side. This prevents the chickens from being trapped in the cages; To bear a certain weight, but also to drop the feces and not drop the eggs, and to have a certain elasticity, so that the eggs are not easy to break when they are laid, the chicken has a certain sense of comfort when moving, so that the eggs can smoothly roll along the meridional slope Out. battery cage


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