Manure scraper system price in China

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Manure scraper system price in China

Post  dwdaswell on Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:27 pm

In the feeding process of laying hens, if the treatment of faeces is unreasonable, it will have a great impact on the environment, but if properly handled, the dried chicken manure will be sold directly to the farmers as organic fertilizers to grow crops; or processed into composite granules. Battery cages design, Chicken layer cage plans
The sale can be turned into waste, and the benefits are considerable. The unique septic system of the cascading layer cage equipment can solve these problems smoothly. A longitudinal debridement belt is arranged under each layer of the chicken cage, so that the chicken manure of each layer of chickens is scattered on the defecation belt, and most of the moisture of the chicken manure is carried by the longitudinal flowing air. Poultry low pressure water regulator
Out of the house, the water content of chicken manure is greatly reduced. When the manure is cleaned, the chicken manure that has been cleared out is flat, and the chicken manure can be sold directly to the farmers. Poultry cage for sale in kerala
It can also be processed into a compound fertilizer, which avoids environmental pollution and gives Farmers bring objective benefits.Poultry drinking systems,Commercial automatic chicken feeder


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