How to prevent ammonia from preventing ammonia poisoning in chicken flocks?

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How to prevent ammonia from preventing ammonia poisoning in chicken flocks?

Post  dwdaswell on Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:30 pm

Top of the list: adhere to ventilation, the chicken house cooling. High temperature and high humidity will accelerate the ammonia gas in the chicken manure. Therefore, when cooling the house, it is still necessary to pay attention not to spray the water directly onto the chicken manure. Advocate not to pour water on the chicken house to cool down, you can adopt spray cooling, and strengthen the house ventilation to reduce the ammonia concentration in the chicken house.air flow chicken coops

Second: It is necessary to organize chicken manure in time. Depending on the plan of the house, it is usually arranged in two to three days, but the decline is to be cleaned every day. It is necessary to know that chicken manure is the root cause of ammonia attack. To reduce the ammonia attack in the house, you should start from the source. Poultry farm cooling system
The second defense in summer: anti-mosquito, mentioning the prevention and control of mosquitoes and flies, many farmers will certainly pick up a bitter tears. Chicken manure is found in chicken houses every day, and chicken manure is a place where mosquitoes and flies love to be treated. This creates a headache for mosquitoes and flies. Poultry farm heating system
In the future, the chicken manure will be sorted out in the chicken manure to kill the eggs, kill the eggs, accumulate fermentation, and then cover the film, which can be used to control the attack of mosquitoes and flies. The eggs of mosquitoes and flies are hidden in the feces. Chicken manure is a natural breeding environment. It only needs to be treated with chicken manure, and it can greatly multiply the breeding of mosquitoes and flies, greatly reducing the probability of mosquitoes and flies conveying diseases.Brooder box for sale
The third defense in summer: prevent disease and reproduction. In summer, not only mosquitoes and madness, but also chicken disease will occur frequently. High temperature and high humidity conditions suitable for the reproduction of pathogens, easy to cause the disease of chickens, advocate the chicken house to pay attention to regular disinfection, as far as possible to prevent outside virus intrusion. How to construct battery cage
In general, summer is really a big test for chicken farmers. Especially for the free-range households, the equipment in the chicken house is simple, and it is very simple and smug, and the mosquitoes flies and flies into a large steamer full of chicken manure. High temperatures, whether it is for chickens or not, are a serious test. But no matter what, the chicken farmers still have to hold on. Layer cage measurement


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