How to raise chicken in summer

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How to raise chicken in summer

Post  dwdaswell on Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:35 pm

First, do a good job of "three downs" - cooling, energy reduction, density reduction:
1. Cooling: Cooling is an important task for farmers to raise chickens in summer. Nowadays, most chicken farms are intensive and large-scale farming modes. Therefore, farmers usually choose to use the house when cooling down the house. Fan wet curtain equipment to achieve the cooling and ventilation of the chicken house, the use of fan wet curtain equipment can effectively reduce the temperature of the chicken house 6 ~ 8 ° C; 2. Energy reduction: energy reduction means that in the process of raising chicken in summer Pay attention to reducing the energy content of the feed, increasing protein levels, improving palatability, and increasing feed intake. 3. Density: The time for raising chickens in summer is lower than that in other seasons.
Second, do a good job of "three guarantees" - water, green, and ventilation:
1. Water retention: Water retention means that farmers should pay attention to ensure adequate drinking water during the summer chicken raising process. The summer temperature is high, the chicken's breathing is accelerated, the chicken body's water evaporation is large, and its drinking water is significantly increased. Therefore, set enough sinks to ensure that each chicken can drink enough water. In addition, it is necessary to keep the drinking water clean and hygienic; 2. Baoqing: When feeding broilers in summer, the farmers should pay attention to feeding a certain amount of green and juicy feed in the feed. Green and succulent feed is rich in nutrients and good in palatability. It can promote the appetite of broilers and help digestion. It not only quenches thirst and cools down, but also helps broilers to rest. 3. Guarantee ventilation: summer ventilation is also very important operation, ensuring good ventilation of the house. Due to the high summer temperatures, the concentration of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide in the air increases. Therefore, to ensure that the broiler has sufficient oxygen, it must be ventilated, and the fan equipment is currently used as a ventilation device.
Third, attach importance to "three defenses" - disease prevention, moisture prevention, anti-mosquito:
1.Prevention: In any season, chickens must pay special attention to preventive diseases. In particular, high temperature in summer will reduce the resistance of broilers, and it is easy to attack coccidiosis and staphylococcal disease. Therefore, in addition to the addition of antibiotics in the feed, the chicken house should be disinfected with chicken; 2. Anti-wet: pay attention to keep the inside of the house dry. The appropriate relative humidity of broilers is 50-70%. When the relative humidity is higher than 70%, the feather adhesion, contamination, and arthritis will increase. Especially in the environment of high temperature and high humidity, it is easy for the pathogenic microorganisms to multiply and the disease to be broadcasted quickly. 3. Anti-mosquito and fly: prevent mosquitoes from damaging the chicken body, and there are many mosquitoes and flies in summer. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to regular spraying of mosquitoes and flies. To ensure that the broiler has a comfortable environment.
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