History of chicken cage development

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History of chicken cage development

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With the deepening of China's urbanization process, the agricultural industry structure is gradually adjusted, and the labor force is transferred from rural to urban areas from time to time. The small-scale peasant economy of traditional rural family units is adjusted from time to time to a large-scale, intensive company farm. The presentation and development of the company's farms has led to an increase in the degree of mechanization of agriculture and the liberation of labor. The planting industry is mainly characterized by the large-scale integration of land resources and the application of field operation machinery; the performance of the aquaculture industry is the original individual operation, the small-scale livestock breeding form is gradually marginalized, and the large-scale breeding and large waste discharge Farms with high levels of automation have become mainstream.
        Chicken is the earliest domesticated animal. The number of chickens cultured in the world has surpassed humans. It is reported that the history of human domesticated chicken can be traced back to 5400 BC. Although human domesticated chickens have many purposes such as appreciation, cock fighting, etc., the main purpose is to enrich people's meat, and to obtain low-cost animal protein such as eggs. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, the United States established and launched the world's first commercial cage farms.
        In the 1950s, some prosperous countries also invented many modern chicken-raising machinery, and at the same time, they also achieved great pauses in cultivating improved varieties, full-price feed, poultry disease prevention, environmental control and feeding management, and achieved high Economic benefits. Since the chicken cages have obvious advantages in preventing infectious diseases, reducing the cost of consumption, and reducing the incidence of flock fighting, they immediately applied in Europe.
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