How to identify the quality of the chicken cage

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How to identify the quality of the chicken cage

Post  dwdaswell on Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:39 pm

Chicken cages serve as a place of activity for laying hens. Their quality not only determines their own service life and use value, but also directly affects the performance of laying hens. The well-structured, high-quality egg cage has a service life of more than 10 years, and can provide a relatively comfortable living environment for the flock, ensuring the normal production potential of the flock. Chicken cages with poor structure and poor quality may be deformed or cracked when the chicken is caged, or the chickens may be stuck in succession, or the chickens may be in a state of stress for a long time, and it is difficult to exert normal production performance. Chicken cages often jam eggs and nest eggs, forming broken eggs, which are accumulated over a long period of time and have huge losses. It can be seen that the quality of the chicken cage is directly related to the economic benefits of the chicken industry. Whether it is a chicken cage manufacturer, a chicken farm technician or a general individual chicken farmer, it should be highly valued. Therefore, it is important to choose a good quality egg cage.
The production data of the egg cage requires cold drawn steel wire. The poor quality of the steel generally shows that the steel wire has low hardness and poor elasticity, so that the overall strength of the chicken cage is reduced and it is easy to be deformed. For a finished product that has been welded, the quality of the wire can be identified from the following aspects:
      1 high-quality steel wire has high hardness and strong elasticity. When the solder joints on the cage sheet are separated by a large gap, the two adjacent steel wires are pinched together. It should be obvious that the elasticity of the steel wire is strong. When the medium force is applied, the slight tortuousness caused by the pinching can be reset by itself. If the force is used, the steel teaches that the base wood is not deformed. If the hardness of the steel is small and the elasticity is poor, the adjacent steel wire is gently pressed by hand to produce irreversible deformation. When the medium force is used, the steel wire is severely tortuous and does not reset. The hand-feeling wire has almost no elasticity, and the cage piece is picked up. When falling to the concrete floor, the sound is short and dumb.
      2 The high-quality steel wire is welded into the cage piece, and the sound of the floor is loud and high, and the residual sound is long. A steel wire with extremely poor hardness will have a wavy small tortuous shape when it is straightened, and the eye view is very obvious, and the high-quality steel wire will never have such a twist. Chicken cages welded with low-hardness steel wire, even if the welding points are firm, the chickens will be severely bent down due to overwhelming and arched, which can form water, trough deformation or fracture, which is not only difficult to manage, even It is difficult for chickens to eat and drink.
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