Pros and cons of chicken cage trough and water pipe

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Pros and cons of chicken cage trough and water pipe

Post  dwdaswell on Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:44 pm

Regardless of the shape of the trough section of the cage, it is necessary to facilitate the filling and it is necessary to have a fold to prevent the feed from being thrown out by the chicken. This kind of hem is important in avoiding waste of feed. The bottom surface of the trough should not be too wide, not more than 10 cm, and too wide to hinder quail eggs. The water tank is broken and has two V-shaped shapes and a U-shaped shape. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The V-shaped water tank is easy to be lapped. The U-shaped groove has good strength and the water volume is large but cannot be overlapped. The lap joint method is convenient when the joint leaks. repair. The production materials of the water tank and the trough are now mostly made of plastic. Although the iron trough is high in strength, it is easily corroded, and the service life is generally not more than 3 years, and the cost is very high. The high-quality plastic tank is corrosion-resistant, has good strength, low cost, light weight and long service life.
 Identifying the advantages and disadvantages of chicken cage sinks and troughs is mainly from two aspects:
      The first is the material quality; the second is the structure of the section.
      The plastic trough should not use a poor quality trough that is broken or shattered as much as possible. The trough is easy to deform, has a short life span and is easily damaged. In the long run, its investment is higher than that of the high quality trough. The cage should not be pressed against the plastic trough during installation. Instead, the cage should be welded to the cage to support the bottom of the cage. For example, if a nipple-type automatic drinker or a bowl-shaped automatic drinker is used on a chicken cage, it is necessary to confirm that the product quality is qualified before installation. It is necessary to install a small amount of test before mass use, and then officially put into use after ensuring no water leakage. To use the automatic drinker, the water should be precipitated and filtered to avoid water leakage caused by foreign matter entering the drinker.
      Although the structure of the chicken coop is simple, it is closely related to the handling and economic benefits of the chicken farm from material to structure, quality and installation. When buying a chicken cage, it will bring you in a certain way. Come trouble and lose. Therefore, chicken cages should be purchased from regular manufacturers with strong technical strength. They should not be cheap and misuse of inferior chicken cages. At the same time, manufacturers or distributors must also pay attention to the structure and quality of chicken cages, and it is necessary to improve the existing problems in a timely manner. Don't be self-righteous or irresponsible, so that you can bring long-term benefits to yourself.
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